Adam Carolla Podcast

Hello, and welcome to the website honoring the best, funniest podcast producer on the Internet!

The Adam Carolla Show, formerly known as the Adam Carolla podcast, is a free-for-all free presentation. Featuring the off-the-wall humor of one Adam Carolla, the Adam Carolla podcast has been a marked success since its inception on February 23, 2009. In fact, in May 2011, the Adam Carolla podcast was recognized by the Guinness World Records people for its amazing accomplishment of having been downloaded more than 59,500,000 times from March 2009 to March 2011! It was also voted the 2009 iTunes Podcast of the Year. That’s not bad for a guy who, earlier on in his career, was drinking beer and watching “Juggies” jumping on trampolines with Jimmy Kimmel on The Man Show.

The King’s Cast and Crew

As much as Adam would love to say he does it all, he willingly admits that he does have a little help from his friends.

Bald Bryan — Adam’s on-air sidekick since 2006, Bald Bryan Bishop provides the sound effects that make the Adam Carolla podcast pop, and bounce, and jiggle, and twang. His loyalty to Adam knows no bounds, mainly because Adam gives him money.

Gina Grad — Gina adds the feminine zing that a show featuring the Carolla mystique needs. Her presence also satisfies Adam’s desire to have an attractive female on the show. Go figure! Not only is she attractive, she also can match wits with the King, and does so at every opportunity.

Mike Dawson — Mike is the co-producer, engineer, and official voice of the Adam Carolla podcast. He does all the official announcements as well as announcing the Blah Blah Blog and the ever-popular tongue twister, Totally Topical Tivo Trivia Time Today. Saying that ten times fast not only impresses people, it may also cause loose teeth to rattle.

Between the four personalities, the Adam Carolla podcast is a super-dynamic presentation of ribald humor, witty repartee, and a whole mess of bon mots. Perfect for the adult with a desire to hear what the mind of a comic genius has to share with mankind, Adam’s podcasts never disappoint.

The show is not just a soap box for Adam’s wacky mind. Well, OK, it actually is. But it also has interesting guests who show their pluck by appearing and subjecting themselves to Adam’s outrageous interviews. Mixed Martial Arts champion Kenny Florian was there. So was Nick DiPaolo.

Described as Howard Stern with less ego, Adam is certainly the comic voice that lights up the Internet. Check it out!